Float therapy is a practice like no other and is deeply therapeutic for the mind and body.

"90 minutes pain free - for someone like me, that's priceless"

"Sleep better - the post float glow lasts all day"

"Floating calms the chatter of my anxiety"

"As a yogi, this is the greatest Shavasana

I've ever had"

Stephen Curry

NBA Star

MVP 2015, 2016

“I have a very clear head when it’s done, and it shows in the days after floating. It gives me a nice boost of focus and perspective. The more I do it, the more I get from it.”

Tim Ferris

Author, Pod-caster & Entrepreneur

“I found it to be one of the most anxiety reducing experiences I’ve ever had.”

What People Says About Floating...
Reset. Refresh. Reconnect.

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