Improve Creativity and Performance



> Floating can unlock the gateway to your deep subconscious and give you access to a different state of awareness. People have reported encountering creative bursts and new kinds of mental clarity after having spent an hour in the pod. It can help you get in touch with an inner part of yourself, to give rise to amazing things.



> If you're an athlete and looking for an effective way for injury recovery and soreness, a float can provide immediate relief for you after one session. Floating also improves sleep and can be your instant recovery after a rough game. 

> Aside from helping with physical ailments, floating can also boost up your mental awareness to improve performance. Floating regularly for a few weeks can develop mental clarity and concentration which crucial game changers to enhancing your performance. On top of that, the environment of a float tank is optimal for effective visualization. You're removed from all of your senses to be entirely alone with your thoughts. This can be perfect for creating a powerful vision of utter clarity. 

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