> Floating has been fondly referred to as the “fast-track version of meditation”. Inside the pod, your brain doesn’t have to process any incoming information from your five senses and you easily slip into a relaxed state. It becomes much easier to access your subconscious mind opened up and available. For well-practiced meditators, it can take years to enter theta state while remaining consciously aware. With floating, you can learn to do this after just a few hour long sessions. Practicing meditation inside the tank can help you get much better acquainted with the space between your thoughts- consciousness, spirit, the Divine, God…


> John C. Lilly, philosopher and the inventor of float tanks, believed that float tanks were the gateway to unlocking the potential of the mind. Floating can lead to lucid dreams, altered states of consciousness, and even vivid hallucinations. Come to dive deep within and get intimately aware of your Self.

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