Below are a few things you will be able to enjoy as a Float On Member:

  • Priority Booking 

    • As a Member you are ensured Priority Booking for your requested Float Session.  

  • Complimentary Birthday Float 

    • We would like to help you Float seamlessly into your next year by gifting you a complimentary session on us. 

  • Monthly Float With A New Friend 

    • Every month, Members are welcome to bring one new friend to come, share and enjoy the Float Experience with them. 

  • Exclusive Dreamscapes Menu

    • This exclusive Dreamscapes Menu allows our Members to delve deeper into their Float experience. From guided meditations, to music that will help you drift away.

Choose a Lifestyle program

Lifestyle Program

1 - 60 minute float per month

( minimum 3 months commitment )

Find your bliss with one 60 min float every month.

Per Month

Price per float





2 - 60 minute floats per month

( minimum 3 months commitment )

Float Like a Boss and reach optimal levels for your wellness with two floats every month .

Per Month

Price per float



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