> Floating triggers your physiological relaxation response - also known as rest and digest. In the busy city we live in, we are bombarded with input and thus frequently operate in fight-or-flight mode, an endless cycle of stress and automatic reactions. If we don’t take the time to reset, we can drive ourselves to burnout and severe exhaustion. 


> Floating for even 30 minutes can allow your body to reset itself and clean up the cortisol and adrenaline in your system.


> For those of us dealing with chronic stress, even an hour in this state can do amazing things for our system. The effects in our body are long-lasting and it can leave us feeling recharged for days.

Chronic Pain/Injury 


> For those with chronic pain conditions or injuries, feeling comfortable in one’s own body can get difficult. Float tanks can provide immediate relief for those struggling with pain and muscle tension.


> Floaters suffering from fibromyalgia have reported experiences floating as “my first pain-free day in weeks” and gradual improvement in symptoms of pain following multiple floats. Being in a float tank is an amazing place to help you separate yourself from your pain and give you the chance to get in touch with yourself again.

> Some other common symptoms of chronic pain include higher stress levels, difficulty sleeping, and even depression and anxiety. With the ‘reset’ that float therapy can provide, one session can induce deep rest and eliminate fatigue.


> If you happen to have an injury and a weak spot in your body, floating can let you explore your area of pain and release tension in the area without physical movement. This is because the weightlessness of floating gives you the freedom to feel through the more sensitive parts of your body. You may find yourself able to stretch out a muscle or provide relief to an area that is usually numb or difficult to feel.

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