Amazing Essential Oils to Use Everyday

Around the world, we have been extracting and researching the essence from plants for thousands of years but only in the 11th century we began popularizing aromatherapy. Some of these oils you may know and love already, historically we have used plant essences for health. Aromatherapy not only can affect our moods, increasing our productivity and helping us get to sleep, but it also is a powerful tool to support ourselves. Just keep in mind to always use them safely and to consult the doctor before using oils as a therapeutic solution for any medical conditions. Here are 5 essential oils that you need in your toolkit. 

Clary Sage 

Clary Sage contains the same calming and soothing components as Lavender. So many benefits come with Clary Sage, such as lowering cortisol levels, depression, bacteria, aiding digestion as well as libido and more. Put a few drops of Clary Sage in your shampoo to promote hair growth and shine. Mix with a carrier oil, use on your skin for an anti-inflammatior affect. 


Citrus oils are popularly used in perfumes, using varied parts of the plants have shown to improve your mood and have many health benefits, although Neroli has . In medicine, Bitter orange or Neroli’s (blossom) anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory features have been used for aiding indigestion, PMS, nausea, insomnia and many other conditions. As it is known for it’s rejuvenating power - Neroli oil can be used on acne or as part of your face care routine or added to a carrier cream/oil to reduce stretch marks. 


Fantastic anti-fungal, Ecological pest deterrent and herbicide, respiratory rescuer and many more amazing features of Eucalyptus oil. Combined with Peppermint oil - another classic, studies have shown increased cognitive function as well as mind and muscle relaxation. High in antioxidants, it can strengthen the immune system and breathing in Eucalyptus can help decongest.

Tea Tree 

Tea Tree is another oil which has long been known for its anti-bacterial, anti- fungal and anti-viral traits. Used for cleaning surfaces to faces, very commonly as acne treatment and for wound sterilizing. 


Essential oils are commonly used for complimenting other therapies in alleviating pain and depression without the worry of unwanted side effects. Lavender oil is great for aiding sleep, speeding up healing and recovery, reducing eczema and headaches. Using Lavender can also be an interesting yet delicious addition food and beverages. 

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