Kim Cadar: Inside Your Float Tank

At the end of year one of my doctoral degree I reached a point of burnout. This burnout lead me to scrolling manically through my Facebook feed looking for answers (yes, that kind of decision making seemed appropriate in the state I was in). I saw a post from Dee looking to grow her team at Float On. I knew nothing about floating, I had heard of the concept but hadn’t ever been too interested and was honestly somewhat apprehensive. I met up with Dee, floated, and the experience was quite literally life changing. The experience was nothing like I had expected and it brought about clarity and calm I was desperately searching for.

My experience inside the float tank catalyzed my interest in the mind-body connection and started me down a path of researching into the scientific inquiry of floating and sensory deprivation. In regards to research, there was an abundance of information about the after-effects of floating and it was clear that the post-float experience had psychological and physiological differences and benefits. However there was a vacuum of information about what was happening inside the tank. This was a vacuum that I decided to fill through my dissertation research - what is the experience inside the tank?

Through hours of interview at Float On I searched for the essence of what floating is, how were people making sense of their time in the tank? What was happening through an hour of sensory deprivation? This qualitative research project was chosen to be presented at the Float Conference in Portland, Oregon this year. 

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