Q&A with David Tanner at Float On HK

What was your first float experience like?

My first float was actually pretty awesome. I managed to relax quickly. Every now and then it was like the floor was swept away and I 'fell' into into a deeper level of complete relaxation, then I would come back to where I was, then 'fall' again 10 mins later. After I finished I felt so mentally and physically refreshed.

What expectations did you have going in?

I had done lots of research before my first float so I was expecting a lot to happen. Once I realized that all these different things probably weren't going to materialize I enjoyed the rest of the float and let it be what it was.

What would you tell a first time floater? 

Everyone will experience different things your first time. Afterwards some may feel super relaxed, some super energized, you might not even think the float was anything special at all. It does takes a few times for your mind and body to really start letting go in a noticeable way. So let the first time be what it is and go from there. I can honestly say though, you think you know what relaxation is, but you don't unless you've tried floating.

Are all your floats the same?

I've floated 6 times now. Each one is slightly different. My first one I managed to really relax and it was amazing. But after 6 I am reaching new levels of relaxation for my mind and body that I never thought I could. It gives me great perspective to reflect on my daily life and also the bigger picture. A quote I can share from my personal floating journal was from my 2nd 60 min float "It's feels like my brain is on a different frequency, still now after 3 hours I just want to do things slowly and with meaning. Pretty crazy feeling...

Have you floated for more than 60 minutes? What's the difference?

Yes! I've had two 90 min floats. I had done three 60 mins and felt like it was time to go in for longer. I was really able to let go of everything and that extra half hour was incredible. To be so still and comfortable in the pod, just listening to your heart beat and focusing on your breath was incredible. Double what I experienced in the 60 min.

Any literature, videos or other you would recommend people interested in floating?

I'm half way through an amazing book called The Float Tank Cure by Shane Scott, great stuff not just on floating but life and stress and different ways to deal with it. Joe Rogan podcasts for sure - his YouTube videos on floating are great. I also did some research on the benefits of magnesium on the body which is insane - from helping with inflammation to regulating your heartbeat and muscle functions. There is so much out there! Start browsing and see where it takes you.

The Float Tank Cure by Shane Scott

What has been your biggest take away from floating? Physical, mental, calm, sleep…

I think that floating is making me a happier person. Having time to shut everything out and focus on your self, I mean really focus, makes me wonder about what kind of person I am and want to be, so I'm working on those things. Everyone is different though, even if you are skeptical about the whole thing I would definitely say give it a go. Who knows where it could lead.

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