Stay Relaxed During Long Haul Trips: 8 Simple Moves

Long haul travels can bring aches and pains. Here are some simple moves to help with stiffness and circulation. a bonus if you can walk around the space too! 

These stretches begin in a seated position. Hold each stretch for up to 5 breaths and repeat 3 times. 

Neck - Releases tension in the neck and shoulders

Starting with your head straight and your shoulders relaxed, begin to let your right ear tilt towards the shoulder. Place the right hand on head and gently press downwards. Repeat on left side.

Shoulder - Release tension in the shoulders, upper back and chest

Arm Stretch - Interlock fingers, press palms out and stay here for a few breaths. Slowly lift them above your head, relax your shoulders!

Shoulder Stretch - Begin with hands by your sides. Lift the right hand above your head then bend at the elbow. Take the left hand to place gentle downward pressure on the elbow. Repeat on left side.

Left - Shoulder Stretch; Right - Arm Stretch

Legs - Reduce tension and swelling in the ankles

Ankle Circles - Make big clockwise circles with your toes, rotating the ankles. Repeat in counter clockwise motion. Number 4 - Place your right ankle over the left knee or thigh, slowly bend forward at the hips and flex the foot for a deeper stretch. Repeat on left side.

Legs - Release tension in the back legs and hips

Leg Lock - Lift the right knee and pull it towards your chest, flex the raised foot. Keep the left leg tense and activated. Repeat with the other leg.

Left - Ankle Circle & Strech; Right - Leg Lock

Back - Stretches the torso

Spine Twist -placing the back left hand over your right thigh, gently engage + begin to push against the thigh and twist your torso. Stay here for a few breaths then repeat on the other side. This is a great detoxifying move.

Back - Relaxes the spine and​​opens shoulders

Bend and Arch - Place both hands on your lap or waist and straighten the spine. Gently round your back curling the belly in then arch the spine and open your shoulders.

Left - Spine Twist & Strech; Right - Bend & Arch

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