> Floating reportedly can help you create a deeper connection with your baby. What is commonly referred to as the 'mirror effect', is the connection of the baby floating in the mother's womb, and the mother floating in the womb of a tank. This communal and spiritual connection for the mother is something that can bring immense joy and pleasure. 

> Pregnancy can be a very special timer for a mom-to-be, yet there is also the physical effects that may make this time quite difficult.  Float therapy can allow you to find deep relaxation during a period of constant discomfort. You can escape the added weight of pregnancy through the perfectly buoyant water and give your body and spine a rest. For a brief moment, all of the pressure on your lungs, organs that can be affecting your breathing and sleeping can be alleviated. Your body will also absorb tons of magnesium to help with the aches and pains and reduce immflamuation. 

> Floating as a pregnant mom-to-be can be an absolutely precious time. 

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