Anxiety and Insomnia

> If you suffer from anxiety and insomnia, you may feel very difficult to have time to separate yourself from your thoughts and to have some peace of mind. Most of us have had days or weeks even where we can't seem to shut our brain off. Our inability to stop thinking is likely worsened by chaotic and over stimulating environments. Modern research recommends practices like yoga or meditation to help cultivate stillness, Unfortunately for those struggling the most with being unable to chill out and stop thinking, trying to start these practices become the most difficult. 

> Floating can be the perfect remedy for this, as it induces a relaxation response in your body and causes your brainwaves to slow down. You move from a high-functioning beta state that we usually function in day to day, to the meditative and peaceful theta state. By spending even 45 minutes in this state, you can gradually gain more mental awareness and head-space without having to facially control your thoughts. This can put a significant ease to your well-being and help you develop a more centered awareness. 

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